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Mar 03, 2022
In About the project
Hi, I'm a medical student. I'm currently learning anatomy, and I also searched for viewing anatomy model for about 2 years before because of painting(learning painting in highschool). I only found things like 3D organo, complete anatomy or open anatomy one. I also tried to find good human 3D model and port them into blender, but none of them is good enough. Some was broken or incorrecty, some was lack in meshes. So after I got in this medical school, and start study anatomy this week, I searched the models on the web again. And I found this website today, which is sooooo helpful. Although there are still lots of places to be added or fixed, it's still the BEST anatomy model I've ever seen. so happy for finding this:) will try to tell our teacher this website as material! Thanks for doing all these things.
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