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Lluís Vinent
Nov 18, 2021
In About the project
I'm Lluis, a computer engereering student, and an app and videogames programmer from Spain. My partner needed a free app to study anatomy, so we decided to use these models to create it. It is in the early stages of development, so there is a lot of room for improvement. I would appreciate your opinion and / or ideas to improve it. It's made using Unity, so it can be exported to any platform. I don't know 3D modeling, so it's been difficult to optimize the mesh for mobile. I've reduced the polygons of the models to a 30% of the original size using the Decimate tool in Blender, but it's not enough to get a good performance in low-end devices. You can download the demo APK here: It is very helpful if you tell me the performance and model of your mobile. *Note: Only tested on an Android high-end mobile. *Note 2: The colors of the elements are not strictly correct. They are temporary colors. Thank you! :)
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Lluís Vinent
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