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Tonatiuh de San Julián
Apr 19, 2022
Hello! Thank you for your replay and welcome! I'll try my best to understand your workflow and to help as much as a can. My priority list will look something like this: 1º Make it light: For this the most important thing is to reduce the poly-count but in a way that can be useful latter, I see the process like this: a. Make a re-mesh of every anatomy part that has a decimated topology, I propose to do it in as much automated as possible way but with human supervision to fix potential errors, I'll try a few of the free ones like instant meshes or quadriflow, but probably the best result will come from Quad-Remesher. This will, later on, allow us to make UV and have the same rgb texture for all the muscles so we can reutilize as much textures as possible, I'll write more about this latter. Also this will allow us to sculpt a High Poly model of the anatomical part for baking maps latter on so we can have more appealing models. b. Make all the meshes that use a subsurface modifier take advantage of the new GPU accelerated subdivisions. I'll try again but when I activated the option, everything exploded :) 2º Make it Female: This can appear as not important, but it is, the male body is not the reference for anatomy and it shouldn't be. For this to be possible we have to think in the best way to have a neutral anatomy and from there morph it and complete it in to male and female with the use of some deform modifier or by hand. For this we need to have the previous item complete so modifying the objects is possible. So, the way a see it, we can: a. Make a neutral anatomy removing all binary anatomical parts dependent in sex. b. Make a male and female body sculpts that have similar shapes and sizes as the neutral one so we can morph it as easily as possible and reuse the same objects. c. Complete the missing anatomical parts for the different sex. The male parts appear to be more or less there, but the female anatomy is all missing. 3º Create a list of missing or good to have anatomy: As I said female parts are completely missing, but others like the spinal cord, tracts, fat pads, skin attachments etc. We should collect a list of anatomical parts with a priority order so the community can contribute. 4º Make all the anatomical parts appealing: a. High poly sculpts of every part, this will allow us to bake textures to have a bump map, a cavity map, a rough map, and so on. I propose to use only three maps so we can store them in on RGB images, in Red we can store the Rought map, in G maybe a Subsurface scatter or a cavity map, and in B the Bump map, so with one image we can have three maps. b. Texture map, I think we can do it with one texture for every group of similar anatomical parts. For the bone, for the cartilage, for the muscle, for the ligaments, for the fascia, and so on. For this to work the effort will be in the UV unwrap, selecting the direction of the fibres, the tendinous part for example in the muscles. c. Make the skin also an anatomical study, with the different wrinkles, and the different body hair direction. 5º Distribute three downloads, Low res (no textures, no anything but the anatomical parts, for people with bad internet connections and also weak computers) Medium res (This will be the normal one, for use for students and teachers, with textures and bake maps) High res (all the high resolution models, for high use in illustrations, presentations, movies etc) 6º Make it student and teacher friendly: I see a few options for a better study and a better us for teaching. a. Prepare scenes with different anatomical parts for study, For example: Knee, a scene with all the important anatomical parts of the knee prepare for the knee study or its presentation. b. An easily way to select anatomical parts to show. For example maybe you want to teach the irrigation of the frontal lobe from the hearth to the brain, and you want to only see important parts that came in contact with the arteries or veins. So maybe a list that you can type and only those names are visible in the view-port, so you can prepare presentations, or record videos with only those parts visible. c. Make test exams :) etc... Well... I think I'll stop now hahaha, but yeah, I see a lot of things that can be done, and i think we deserve to have an open source atlas like this, so thank you so much.

Tonatiuh de San Julián

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