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Tonatiuh de San Julián
Apr 13, 2022
In About the project
Hello! Let me say that this project is a dream came true! I really believe that this project is at the most importance. I'm a Physiotherapist and also I teach anatomy to Osteopath students in Madrid Spain. I have illustrated anatomic content for books, and I am a hobbyist 3d sculptor in Blender, you can see some of the things I do here: So I like to help, I can give feedback in some blender related staff, I can extend missing anatomy, I can make more appealing the overall anatomy (skin and internal anatomy), I can re-mesh muscles, bones, etc. to reduce the poly-count, do textures, etc. Let me know if you are looking for specific help or do you want me to do a list of feedback and things I like to work on. best regards Tonatiuh

Tonatiuh de San Julián

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