The 'Terminologia Anatomica' (TA) is the official list of all the anatomical terms.

This list has recently been reedited (Terminologia Anatomica-2nd Edition-2019)

by the 'International Federation of Associations of Anatomists' (IFAA).

Thanks to the 'Open Anatomy' project, these terms can easily be searched through the 'TA2-viewer'.

Since it is only available in English and Latin, here is a humble attempt to translate these terms in several languages:

These translations of the TA2 were generated with Google translate and contain errors.

To correct them, please send you email address to get access to the edition of the file.

​​The English and Latin versions should be identical to the official TA2.

The French, Spanish and Portuguese versions are currently reviewed by contributors.

Other contributors are needed to correct the other languages.

In order to be displayed entirely as object's names in Blender-maximum 63 bytes (characters)-, an abbreviation can appear here and there.


These translations are available within the Anatomy atlas (Press '%' and choose your language).